Welcome to Otherside Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Unlock the potential and scale with our customer-centric business growth model.

Over a decade of experience in delivering mission-critical, time and cost-sensitive software projects.

Access to a large pool of multi-skilled wide tech stack developers through our partners.

Hire highly motivated, technically skilled individuals and build an engineering team on the go.

Hire Class Coders -
No Stress, No Bias!

Instantly complement our senior developers and engineers for web development, data engineering and cloud projects. Rates start at just $15.

As the market is dynamic and complex, you need a reliable provider to build cross border remote teams having strong industry and technology expertise to solve real world challenges.

Therefore, we make a solid backbone for your CORE business team for Designing, Building, and Implementing software and cloud applications. We focus on creating a new world digital experience hiring skilled developers and also building remote engineering teams to help companies thriving to scale in the fast-paced competitive market.

Hire Skills – Build Teams

Top-notch, highly Skilled and Talented Software Engineering Teams – Architects, Full-stack and Front-end Developers, Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers, Java and .NET Developers, BI and DB developers

Pay-per-resource with rates starting at just $15 hourly | Instantly onboard software developers & engineers for gigs | Access to a large pool of developers in the local market | Low-risk in hiring and managing development projects | International Coding standards and Quality outcome

SaaS, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Hi-Tech, Business Services, Travel, Media, IoT.

Our Strengths

Leading Technologies

Focus on emerging and disrupting technologies

Distributed Working

Monitoring and communication tools for smooth operations.

Global Time Zones

Rapid development and Support round the global clock

Secure Customer Data

Stringent Data Security and IP Protection Policies

Our Solutions

New Product Launch


Enterprise-Grade Apps

Cloud Enablement


Support & Maintenance

The Connection

Experienced Teams

Our team makes a solid backbone of your company’s core team. They have broad technology experience across SaaS, Finance, Retail and are inducted after a thorough real-time test of their technical skills and background checks.

Optimal Solution

As your delivery partner, we analyze your challenges to develop a solution with a cost-effective approach. Our technical team is hands-on in developing high-level & low-level designs, algorithms and codes.

Dynamic Approach

We bring together efficient teams to enhance software design & development capabilities for both on-premise and cloud applications. In addition, we test the applications in existing and new environments.

Managed Services

Even after the project execution, we’ll ensure the high availability and performance of the applications. We also focus on DevOps practices through continuous integration and continuous delivery.

360° Support

Our flexible approach to developing ad-hoc or long-term projects— three months, six months, or over twelve months ensures smoother transition, execution, and delivery. Hence, our team can deliver around the clock across different time zones.

We Focus


Instantly hire developers and scale without upfront investments


Develop your resourcing strategy to build technology teams


Manage software projects regardless of complexity or scale

Global Time Zones

Remote Development and Support around the global clock


Hire Full-stack, Data Scientists, Big data, Cloud and DevOps Engineers

Data Protection

Stringent Data Security and Protection Policies (GDPR)

"Don't hesitate to discuss your ideas and projects or ask questions!"

Business Practices:

We believe in nurturing a sustainable business where commercials are not everything. A good metaphor is that revenue is like oxygen – we need it to live, but it is not what we live for.


Deploying Excellence:

Talent, Technology, Leadership, and Trust are the four key elements contributing to launching success. We aim to excel at each of them. In broader terms, we call it Professional Excellence.

Protect Intellectual Property:

We follow the best procedures and standards to protect our client’s intellectual property while hiring the team and maintaining real-time track records.


Cost Advantage:

We are your transparent remote software development provider that offers cost-effective services. Additionally, our competitive rates for skilled and experienced resources are unmatchable.


We help you hire a skilled developer instantly with an easy upfront contract.

NO. We never ask you to make any upfront investments.

5 and 12 years of experience in software development.

The developer charges start from just $15 hourly or $2500 fixed monthly.

165-170 person-hour effort monthly.

Three months and extended up to 24 months based on the project’s complexity or SoW.

Of course. If you are unsatisfied with the performance, we can speed up replacing the developer without hindering the project.

Of course. However, we recommend overlapping each other’s time zones.

We hire developers from our strategic partners or Top tier cities across India.

Yes, we can. However, we prefer to place them on your project for a one-time fee.