Super-skilled Architect level for designing web and cloud architecture.

Solid technology resources who write clean algorithms and international standard codes.

Ability to work individually and quickly blend with cross-border teams and cultures.

Hire technically skilled individual contributors or build a team on the go.

Instantly complement your core team with senior software engineers for current and ongoing Software development and Cloud projects

Hire Class Coders -
No Stress, No Bias!

Our Solutions

New Product Launch

A low-cost experiment for the stakeholders to make an informed decision. It also sets the stage for future development iterations and clarifies the sequential steps in the project per end-user feedback.

Enterprise-Grade Apps

We have the expertise in creating large-scale complex cross-platform applications. We understand the complexity, customizability, and deployment options for on-prem or cloud environments. We onboard highly qualified and multi-skilled developers for full-cycle development.

System Modernization

Transforming legacy systems to reduce complexity, increase data consistency, enable collaboration across platforms, and improve process flexibility. Our team works round the clock to upgrade the IT systems and provide continuous support to ensure zero downtime.

Cloud Enablement

An organization’s IT infrastructure resources shifts in-house IT to a public, private, or hybrid cloud climate. Our consultants can help you overcome key challenges like defining an enterprise cloud strategy aligned with your goals and identifying the right cloud offering to support the availability of skilled resources, ongoing management, and optimization.


Development operations (DevOps) enable a development team to manage the whole application development in real time. It allows the development, operations, and business teams to work in synchrony while applying automation to streamline IT processes.

Setting expectations and Defining a Scope of work for the project

Cost estimation of projects per person-hour effort and Delivery timeline

Screening, On-boarding Procedures and Team introductions

Project briefing, delegating tasks and setting up project management tools

Coding, Integrations, User Testing and Support & Maintenance